Ugunja – Walt Academy of Excellence

Name of School: Ugunja – Walt Academy of Excellence
Location: Ugunja in Western Kenya
Number of Teachers: 11 and 8 administrative/support staff
Number of Students: 210
School Opened: 2008

How many desks? 42 tables (5 children per table)
How many needed?: 28 plus chairs
How many benches?
How many children per bench?
If the school closed what would happen?
  • Many children would lose their education
  • Poverty and disease would increase in the affected homes and communities
  • Members of the community would lose this jobs
The teacher writes:
"The future solution for poverty eradication, early forced marriages, drug abuse, and child labor depends highly on such a school like ours who are out to sacrifice and offer quality education to less privileged members.

"The students in this community are hungry for education but their parents/guardians are living on what nature gives them and are living below the poverty line. We are seeking for your intervention to support these vulnerable youth and their siblings from dropping out of school and not getting secondary school education altogether."
If the school expanded what is the value?
  • Many more children would get an opportunity to go to school
  • We would enroll more orphans and vulnerable children in the school
  • We would construct permanent building
  • Our goal is to introduce a boarding facility for homeless children for after school self-employment
  • Introduce mentorship development program
  • Hire experts in HIV/AIDS education, support, care, and management for affected and infected pupils

Needs for school:
New building block of 4 classrooms as well as desks and supplies for the new classrooms.

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