Siaya – Walt Academy of Excellence

Name of School: Siaya – Walt Academy of Excellence
Location: Siaya in Myanza Province, Western Kenya
Number of Teachers: 5
Number of Students: 60
School Opened: 2009

How many desks? 17 tables with 15 chairs (3 students per table)
How many needed?: 13
How many benches? 11
How many children per bench? 3
If the school closed what would happen?
  • Many children would lose their education
  • People would be unemployed
  • The disappointment in the community would be massive
The teacher writes:
If the school expanded what is the value?
  • Many more children would get an education
  • More orphans could be educated and fed
  • People would be employed

Needs for school:
Daily meals and snacks per month for the orphans who attend this school, $250 per month (yearly cast $3,000)
Completion of well $500

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