Please Help Children Stay in School

Walt’s Academy was opened in 2007 and was the first school named in honor of Walt’s memory.   Presently there are 250 students in this school and it has received recognition from the Kenya Government for it’s scholastic achievements.  It is ranked number 1 among the 69 schools in the district.  This school was built on half an acre, which allowed for a large solid building but no playground.  The government is now requiring us to have half an acre of play area for the children.  That means we must double the size of the land.  To do this will cost approximately $15,000.

These are vulnerable children as 50% of them are orphans.  There is no other possibility for an education for the orphans because schools in Kenya require tuition be paid.  We educate these children free of charge and feed them one hot meal a day.  Walt’s Academy in Ugunja is a vital part of the community and those in the local village all have a strong desire to see it continue.

(include photos of the children here.  Possibly one of the children in a classroom and one of them eating outside on their laps)

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