Name of School: Ndori
Location: Western Kenya
Number of Teachers: 4
Number of Students: 40
School Opened: 2003

How many desks? 11 (2 per desk)
How many needed?: 9 more
How many benches? 9
How many children per bench? 3
If the school closed what would happen?
  • People would be unemployed in this economically low area
  • Many children will lose learning opportunities
  • The community will lose trust and hope for the future
The teacher writes:
If the school expanded what is the value?
  • More children will have opportunity to be educated
  • The future of the community will change
  • There will be hope for the future

Needs for school:
Basic school supplies. Most of these students are orphans that we provide meals for everyday (at a cost of $400 per month).

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