Name of School: Misori
Location: On the Shores of Lake Victoria
Number of Teachers: 2
Number of Students: 25
School Opened: 2012

How many desks? None
How many needed?: 13
How many benches? 3 with 15 chairs
How many children per bench? 3
If the school closed what would happen?
  • Most of the pupils who are either orphans or from, poor backgrounds will miss the opportunity of getting education either for free or at a very reduced cost
  • The 9 orphans in this school may not get any food or meals because what this school serves each day is their only food for the week.
The teacher writes:
“This school is the only hope these children have for a future. Without it they will become street children living on the rubbish tip.”
If the school expanded what is the value?
  • More orphans and vulnerable children would gey the opportunity for quality education
  • More adults in the community would get employment

Needs for school:
Desks, benches, basic school supplies and a new floor for the school.

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