Matunda – Skills for Living School

Name of School: Matunda – Skills for Living School
Location: Matunda in Tranzoia District in Western Kenya
Number of Teachers: 3
Number of Students: 80
School Opened: 2005

How many desks? NONE
How many needed?: 40
How many benches? 15
How many children per bench? 4 (some children sit on the floor)
If the school closed what would happen?
  • The children would not be educated
  • Teachers would be unemployed
  • The community would lose trust and hope for the future
The teacher writes:
"It is our vision to change the future of this community. It is through education of young students that the lives of everyone in the village will change. This is our hope for the future."
If the school expanded what is the value?
  • Create more jobs for local people
  • Change the future for this community

Needs for school:
20 meals a day plus snacks for the 40 orphans who attend this school (this cost is approximately $400 per month)
Pens, paper, 3 chalk boards, chalk, desks

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