Latest News – April 2015

Valerie has just returned from visiting the schools in Kenya along with Steve and Donna Thurman from New Zealand.   News and photos are on each school page.  Some highlights of the trip include:

  • Ugunja School – Walt Academy of Excellence
    • This school ranks number 1 out of 69 schools in the area
    • The boy with the highest grade of 2700 students attends this school.  His name is Elvis.
    • The girl with the highest grade also attends this school.  Her name is Gabby.
    • Elvis and Gabby live with their 90+ year old grandmother who is raising a total of 10 children because her 3 daughters died.  They live in 2 rooms with only a sofa and a table and only have 1 meal a day, 5 days a week, provided by the school.
    • The only student to ever achieve 100% on the government testing attends this school.
  • Conference Held for Leadership Group
    • Over 200 community leaders attended a 3 day training conference conducted by Steve and Valerie.  It was well received and the feedback was positive.
  • Visited 4 schools while there.  
    • Siaya, Ugunja, Mundika, Misori
    • Spent a day with William, who is the School Supervisor for Skills for Living Kenya.
    • The reports from these schools are on each school page.

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